"You are here for a reason" Lioness Card

"You are here for a reason" Lioness Card


”I Created You for This Time (lioness)” (You are here for a reason) Original art print card with message on back, envelope, seal, label.

PERFECT FOR: Courage & Strength, Life Purpose & Self-Worth,
Love & Forgiveness, Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Addiction, Patience & Waiting

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”I Created You for This Time (lioness)” (You are here for a reason)

Includes original art print card with message on back, envelope, seal, label.

PERFECT FOR: Love & Forgiveness, Life Purpose & Self Worth, Relationship Issues, Marriage, Anniversary

KEY VERSE: Perhaps this is the moment for which you’ve been created. - Esther 4:14

• printed on super thick 130# recycled cover
• embossed silver foil seal included
• mailing label included
• space for personal message
• signature black, square envelope
• archival quality
• 8.25 x 8.25″
• fits large Atlas Signature Frames (BUY HERE)
• MAILING? You will need 2 forever stamps or $1 stamp. (BUY HERE)

FRONT: Original art: ”I Created You for This Time (lioness)” , Watercolor, charcoal, ink. By Sarah Teresa Nelsen.

BACK TEXT: You are not here by chance. Actually, if chance that had any role in your existence, you would certainly not be here. I did not roll the dice when I tenderly formed your innermost being. If you doubt the probability of your birth, go ahead and research it. It will bring your heart back to my promise: You Come From Me. On the day you were born I breathed my holy, sacred blueprint for you into life. I planned for you to enter this broken world during this specific era—the miracle of you living today is a gift to this world. Rise up from your doubt and keenly fix your eyes on the certainty of your precious life. You can truly love yourself and others when you fully accept that I first loved you. You can love me and others by using your passions for good. I wait patiently for you to discuss these things with me. As you come to Me with your honest thoughts and concerns, you will gain the ability to see yourself the way that I see you—as a fierce warrior for my kingdom. Do not keep quiet during your time. Be the blessing to this world that you are. I created you for this time.

THE LIONESS • The lioness works intensely hard to support her pride. She protects and cares for her young as well as kin of the other female lions in her pride. She works better with the other females than alone. With the loudest roar of any big cat, they are not afraid to vocalize their positions, yet are at peace among their pride. The nonfearing lion is widely considered to be a great symbol of courage and strength.

Writing meditation by Sarah Teresa Nelsen—inspired by prayer and the sacred wisdom and truth of God’s Word and presence in our lives.

©2018 Atlas Art Press llc. This card cannot be printed, copied, or reproduced for any purposes.

** It is important to note that colors may vary on different computer monitors. **

Your writings have so much truth and depth.. I will be reading it again and sharing it!