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When you don’t know what to say, our cards and tools do.

Our encouragement and sympathy cards and gifts are created with life’s messiest times in mind. The cards speak love and support for you, replacing weariness and despair with courage and grace, so the recipient can confidently face life's challenges.

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Cards, Frames, Gifts, and Workshops Reflecting...


Inspired by real world experiences and sacred wisdom, our cards are written to stir your soul.


Original art + powerful designs orchestrated to create cards for life’s most difficult moments.


We honor archival quality and the earth by choosing top quality materials and processes.

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We help you connect with the hurting…


People going through hardship may feel alone or forgotten. Giving an Atlas card conveys courage, love, and grace and assures your loved one of your support and care.


The perfect way to check in while respecting privacy and space, is through an Atlas card. Recipients can read at their leisure, cry if needed, reflect upon it, and ultimately know you care.


Your purchase helps to bring therapeutic Art Flow Workshops to people in the messiest parts of life. Workshop participants feel increased self-worth, pride, and connection to others and an overall satisfaction in creating something of value.

An Atlas card is the first step to show you care.


When you don’t know what to say...

Our unique encouragement + sympathy cards + gifts speak for you

Cards for the messiest parts of life

Our cards are created with real-life struggles in mind. Explore our cards created specifically for transforming weariness and despair into courage and grace

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Give something that will last forever...

Artfully & intentionally designed gifts

We believe art can reach anyone. Our cards and gifts are carefully created to provide courage amid the most challenging circumstances. Best of all, they last a lifetime, always reminding your loved one of your support.




The Atlas Blog

stories, resources, and other helpful stuff 


Real customers, real stories of hope

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