OUR MISSION IS TO TO CREATE products and workshops THAT replace weariness and despair with courage and grace, so you can confidently face life’s challenges.

We Make. Breathe. Navigate.

We strive to find beauty in the mess of life.

Here is how we do it:

We bring art therapy to you.

Appealing to all five senses, for groups, and especially for non-artists, we partner with organizations, businesses, and individuals for anxiety reduction, increased confidence, and connection with others...using the creative process.

We sell beautiful products.

Our original art prints and tools are designed to be mailed instead of a sympathy or encouragement card to help NAVIGATE life’s tough times.

We offer support.

We believe there is beauty in the mess. Light hidden in the dark. When you don’t know what to say or do, our products are designed to help. We create prayerfully written messages and artistically designed graphics, then transform them into exceptional paper goods and gifts for yourself or to give to loved ones.

We create with focus.

Our messages, art, and products are very specific to the messiest parts in life.



  • addiction

  • anxiety & stress

  • courage & strength

  • depression

  • grief & unexpected loss life

  • purpose & self-worth

  • love & forgiveness

  • patience & waiting


  • cards & stationary

  • card frames & stands

  • kits & stamps

  • gifts & accessories


We help people relax.

We believe healing comes, when we share our time, stories, and relax our mind and body through creating something. Directed simply, yet profoundly with simple art making tools, participants will create art and answer one simple question to promote self-reflection and release tension.

We partner with professionals.

We partner with writers, therapists, counselors, and artists for inspiring content, ideas, and products. Our blog features some wonderful content focused on personal stories, testimonies, writings on courage, grace, and healing throughout life’s journey using.