"You are brave" Lion Cards (SMALL)

"You are brave" Lion Cards (SMALL)


"I Am Your Courage" (you are brave) Original art print card with message on back, envelope, seal, label.

PERFECT FOR: Courage & Strength, New Job Positions, Starting new challenge, overcoming hardship, Life Purpose & Self-Worth, Love & Forgiveness, Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Addiction, Patience & Waiting

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"I Am Your Courage" (you are brave)

PERFECT FOR: Courage & Strength, Life Purpose & Self-Worth, Love & Forgiveness, Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Addiction, Patience & Waiting

KEY VERSE: Be strong and courageous. - Deuteronomy 31:6

• 10-pack for groups
• printed on beautiful felt weave textured cover
• black linen envelope included
• silver embossed seal included
• blank notecard included for personal note
• archival quality
• 4.75 x 4.75″
• MAILING? Use a 71-cent stamp or 2 regular forever stamps. (BUY HERE)

FRONT: Original art: "I Am Your Courage", Watercolor, charcoal, ink. By Sarah Teresa Nelsen.

BACK TEXT: You are braver than you think. Today, at this very moment, a massive reservoir of endurance and fortitude remains ready to be used within you. It deepens with every achievement and victory I ordain in your life. Seemingly small, daily triumphs are added to your large, obvious successes, resulting in a well brimming over. This deep well of courage—when tapped—can spontaneously wash away every ounce of existing fear. This well came from my perfect blueprint for your life. As great designers do, I take unabashed pride in my creations, including you, who I formed in my image. Do not forget to whom you belong. When panic sets in, remember I Am your strength. When you feel you cannot cross the chasm, I Am your stronghold. When you feel like a failure, remember you were created in my image. Together, nothing is impossible for us. Call out to me, and I will equip you with all you need. Like a lion, I Am fearless, because I Am the King. Nothing is above me. My mighty strength will empower you to accomplish all of your dreams and more. When you are ready to tap your well—see your past and look toward the future without fear—talk to me about it in prayer, and I will go ahead of you and show you the way. I will not abandon you. I am your courage.

THE LION • As the only big cats to live and hunt in groups, lions work together to conquer their targets. They work much better together than alone. With the loudest roar of any big cat, they are not afraid to vocalize their positions, yet are at peace among their pride. Their terrific night vision allows them great advantage over their prey. As head of the animal kingdom, they are fearless and brave. The nonfearing lion ‘king’ is widely considered to be a great symbol of courage and strength.

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Your writings have so much truth and depth.. I will be reading it again and sharing it!