Lion Coloring Card for Courage & Strength

Lion Coloring Card for Courage & Strength


ON THE BACK: Explore areas where you have been brave in your life or areas where you would like to be brave, take a risk, do something challenging. Describe the person you are when you are brave and courageous OR create your own writing or poem on the back!

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"Lion Coloring Card for Courage & Strength" Original art COLORING card with space for self-reflection on back, envelope, seal, label.

PERFECT FOR: Courage & Strength, Life Purpose & Self-Worth, Anxiety & Stress

• printed on super thick 130# recycled cover
• embossed silver foil seal included
• mailing label included
• space for personal message
• signature black, square envelope
• archival quality
• 8.25 x 8.25″
• fits large Atlas Signature Frames (BUY HERE)
• MAILING? You will need 2 forever stamps or $1 stamp. (BUY HERE)

FRONT: Original art in Black and White: “I Am Your Courage” Art Flow Workshop Edition, Watercolor, charcoal, ink. By Sarah Teresa Nelsen.

BACK TEXT: The Lion • As the only big cats to live and hunt in groups, lions work together to conquer their targets. They work much better
together than alone. With the loudest roar of any big cat, they are not afraid to vocalize their positions, yet are at peace among their
pride. Their terrific night vision allows them great advantage over their prey. As head of the animal kingdom, they are fearless and
brave. The non-fearing lion ‘king’ is widely considered to be a great symbol of courage and strength.

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