Sarah TERESA Nelsen

founder + chief creator

…but, like you, I’ve got many identities.

i am mama. I am wife. I am riding on the beautiful and messy journey of marriage & motherhood. i navigate through a boulevard of broken and realized dreams…

I am sister, daughter, aunt. I am artist, singer, designer. I am lover of mountains and oceans and chocolate and wine. I am wanna-be sup yoga instructor and wanna-be certified sailor. i am three-time rescue pup mama.

I am survivor of and witness to hard times. i am therapy seeker and worrier. i am advocate of family adventures. i am biggest fan of showing our girls a broader view of people and the world beyond our community. i am leap-of-faith-taking-believer in jesus.

i am trying to be courageous to reach beyond boundaries, borders, and walls to bring love, mercy, and grace in the form of the arts to you.


Woven through each strand of my whole identity, is my steady, life-giving heartbeat for inspired, bold visual communication. I also just adore meeting new people and hearing their stories.

My husband, our two daughters, and the crazy, big world around us fuel my creativity and teach me what love really is.

Our two big, loud, and wild rescue pups keep me on my toes and on top of my mess-cleaning game.

Our simple, fixer-upper home just outside of Pittsburgh keeps us always trying to find some light and smiles in the clouds, rainy days, and sawdust.

The creative arts is in my bones. Educationally, I’m armed with a BA in graphic design & integrative arts from Penn State and a handful of Masters courses in sustainable design from MCAD. For more than a decade, I’ve owned and lead a successful boutique graphic design & photography studio, Sarah Nelsen Designs. 

I’ve lived in the mountains of the West (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) and the deserts of the Southwest (Rancho Mirage, California), I’m currently settled in the hills of the Mid-east (Pittsburgh, PA). My time in Australia was a memory of wild adventures, foreigner friends, and a whole new world on the other side of the earth. I always have yearned for the richness, simplicity, and rejuvenating qualities of natural outdoor spaces and you might find me hiking with my kids and great dane boxer or paddle-boarding on the local lake. It is here in Pittsburgh, I grew up, left, and returned. That alone is a story in itself and with that, I will leave you to explore Atlas Art Press.

Peace, Sarah


Atlas Art Press creates bold, inspired gifts for those experiencing the messiest parts of life. When you don’t have the words, our products speak, replacing weariness and despair with courage and grace, so you can confidently face life’s challenges.