Amy’s Story and the popular “Just Be” Pocket Card Sets


I’d like to introduce the beautiful Ms. Amy who wrote the affirmations on each card and her story!

Her passion is aligned with Atlas Art Press’s mission to connect with those in the messiest parts of life, which is why we are proud to partner with her for this special card set!


Hello my name is Amy. 

My story is not extraordinary.  Almost everyone knows someone who is, or has been, under the stronghold of addiction and has a similar story of their own.  I humbly share my experience as a mother of a son who has the disease in effort to help remove the stigma, to encourage connection, and to give people hope for recovery.  I choose to be transparent with no other gain than to encourage just one person to feel empowered more today than yesterday.

They say addiction [of any kind] is a family disease but I didn’t think that applied to me. However, after my son’s 11th time in rehab, I finally realized he was coming home to a sick house because I was part of the problem.  I examined my own life and found a few unhealthy character defects J:

  • How could this happen?  I was a good, loving, strong, attentive mother; I had a successful (and relevant) career; and I taught my kids to say no to drugs.
  • Fixer of people and circumstances. I thought that was being a responsible and caring adult.  Heck, I am pretty sure I even believed God made me so capable that it was my job to save my son from dying.
  • I did for him what he could, and should, have done for himself.  I even “took care of” his consequences so he wouldn’t have to bear the burden of his bad behavior and mistakes.
  • People pleaser. I just wanted to keep the peace. I had no idea how to set healthy boundaries, much less, enforce any consequences for breaking the rules.
  • I would have done anything to make sure my son had a good day because if he didn’t, I didn’t.
  • My life was insane and I was a hot mess on the inside.

I am so thankful that by the grace of God, and influence of Stephen, Becky and Six Steps to Sanity, Pam and 12 Steps for Christians, my family, Ryan, and countless other people that held me accountable, that I had the courage to die to myself and let go.   Oh it was painful to surrender my son and I did it every day if necessary.  I learned I was just as sick as my son and I needed my own recovery to thrive and not just survive.  Today I give God all the glory for my transformation because I know He was the air in my lungs when I couldn’t breathe; the strength in my body when I froze from worry; the courage for me to get up each day, and the joy in my heart to know when I couldn’t, He could.  After 16 rehab stays, homelessness, and countless “nevers” (as he calls them), today my son celebrates 18 months recovery … and all I did was get out of the way.

Getting out of the way is one thing, but where do you go?   Addiction carries a social stigma, is misunderstood, and isolates us from friends, family and community.  Neighbors don’t bring you dinner. Friends make excuses not to call.  It’s like there is a big fat elephant in the room all the time.  And there are few cards that say more than “be strong” and “you got this.”–  JustBe InspirationsÓ is a ministry born from that calling to bring people with the same struggle together in community.   To provide the words of encouragement that you may need to hear or to give to someone else when you just don’t know what to say.  I never thought about writing cards but I believe this journey ultimately revealed my spiritual gift of exhortation. The JustBe mission is give hope through transparency, to offer encouragement though experience, and to bring spiritual healing and transformation. Glory be to God who speaks through me.

There’s certainly more to tell and this mission is just getting started.  But the ending is the same regardless.  Whether you are in addiction or love someone who is, I pray you will feel encouraged to know you are not alone; that you are worthy of love, grace, and mercy and that blessings are found in brokenness.  Having faith in a higher power, and not man, can bring you to unimaginative peace in your heart and rest in your soul and healing from addiction.

– Amy Wickline Blettner, writer of Just Be Inspirations

"Just Be" Pocket Card Set for Encouragement and Inspiration

“Just Be . . . ” is a a prayerfully written and designed 10-card set for daily encouragement, addiction recovery, healing. Each card has a “Just be…” statement on the front and a prayer on the back and is printed on thick, luxurious soft-touch paper.

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