what happened at the first two Atlas Art Flow Workshops (loved them and the teens I worked with!)


What happened at the first Atlas Art Flow Workshop and what is it? 

Inspired by the way you can lose track of time while creating and the beautiful way the arts can offer space for self-reflection and breathing space, I have dreamed of offering this experience to others–especially those who may not have an experience like this otherwise. With an awesome space to use offered to me by Mission Mahi’s Jimmy Woods, I prepared my first Atlas Art Flow Workshop. Of course, I wanted to conceptualize something with fish, but also integrate the ideas of community and a great leader to show the way.

The “Come, follow me…” fish wall was born based off of Matthew 4:16. With over 40 fish hand-cut by Brad (my resident wood-worker and husband) and another 40 small strips of wood, we conceptualized an art project for an amazing group of teens from Ridgeview Rehabilitation Center (Gibsonia, PA). The workshop happened in two phases. First a group of the boys came and the following week, the girls came. They were all such a joy to work with and get to know and such a beautiful variety of answers and advice for the self-reflection questions.


These were the two questions to choose from to answer and reflect upon while painting a fish:

  1. What is one thing you would tell your younger self?
  2. What is one non-material gift that you can give to someone?

The participants (teens and also some of the teachers, counselors, new Mission Mahi employees and some others we roped in to create — including Jimmy, the owner of Mission Mahi) each painted a fish in any way they desired and then wrote the answer to one of the questions on the board.

The result was a colorful, vibrant, energetic wall of wisdom, heartfelt wishes, and creativity made real!

Come check it out for yourself next Friday, April 6 on Mission Mahi’s opening day. Follow them here to stay in the loop.


IN THE MEANTIME, VIEW ALL OF THE FISH HERE on the Atlas Art Flow Workshops page.

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