The first gift for your children (a letter to guide you) (originally published on

[Originally Published on 11/17/2016 on, the blog that preceded]

As we enter the season of giving, let's give your children and any children we encounter a priceless gift. The gift of honoring childhood--honoring the beauty, innocence, and molding of our children and the world's children as they grow up. I wrote this letter (pictured) when my first daughter was two years old and have the original hanging in my closet as I need to be reminded of it daily.

I need to be reminded that our children are learning and absorbing every second of each day in a way that we are not because they are a blank canvas being painted before our very eyes. It is a beautiful, unbelievable process.

So, let's honor them for being pure and lovely children. It is a free, but powerful gift. Here is what I believe they would love to have from us as they grow up:

Dear Mommy and Daddy, 

Please love me even when I mess up. Encourage me to keep trying even when its hard. Sometimes I need a little nudge to get me going. Always be honest. Take time to explain. Love me no matter what and bigger than the sky. Make sure I know you love each other too. Sometimes I really just need to be a kid. I love it when you share your day with me. Be kind even when you are feeling like crap. Please don't yell unless it's really important. Help me be patient by being really patient with me. Remember I usually am trying my best, but I'm still so young and things take time. But most of all know I love you so much, and share, please, that you love me back. You are the most important influence in my life, you know.  

Love, your little lamb

May your season of giving be full of the courage to step out of the constant barrage of rush, rush, rush... and just BE. Try hard to be the best that you can for our children through the simplest actions--actions that are free and give them the BEST of you.