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I do not say to you, up to seven times [forgive], but up to seventy times seven [forgive]. - Jesus of Nazareth -

Dearly Loved

You will need BOTH hands to grab this one, because it is heavy. Take a deep breathe for this piece, friends, because though it is HEAVY in your hands, it is absolutely ravishing and when you put it on and miraculously LIGHT.  Made of the finest linens, embroidered with shining, scarlet threads, and perfectly tailored to flatter anyone, yes ANYONE, who puts it on. The sixth of seven new outfits for your wardrobe is the award-winning, redeeming, cloth of FORGIVENESS.

Custom tailored for each individual whom wears it, FORGIVENESS is like a spring rain that washes away the dark days of winter. It is like a perfect head-to-toe dressing made of love, mercy, and grace that transforms you.


  • originally meant "give, grant, allow; remit (a debt), pardon (an offense)" from the Od English "forgiefan".
  • is "striving against all thoughts of revenge; when we will not do our enemies mischief, but wish well to them, grieve at their calamities, pray for them, seek reconciliation with them, and show ourselves ready on all occasions to relieve them." (Thomas Watson, Body of Divinity, p. 581)
  • is similar to  pardon, compassion, absolution, exoneration, and mercy.
  • is NOT being cruel, merciless, punishing, mean, blameful, and resentful.
  • purifies the future.
  • unlocks the door to set someone free, but that person is you.
  • allows you to heal.
  • benefits your health by lowering heart rate and blood pressure, creating higher self-esteem, better moods, and happier relationships.

Give YOURSELF Forgiveness today by:

  1. giving a shout out to God (SEE BELOW).
  2. entering into the attitude of grace each moment.
  3. thinking about what you have learned from past experiences and take that lesson away as a gift.

Give OTHERS (I'm talkin kids & family members, too!) Forgiveness today, by:

  1. giving a shout out to God (SEE BELOW).
  2. making a promise to never use their past sins against them, therefore allowing them to still be in your life.
  3. releasing your pride and acknowledging that this has allowed you to gain freedom from bondage to past hurt and anger.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.23.12 PMWell, I have AWESOME news for you: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALL ALONE.

You can simply reach out to God in spoken or unspoken words, silence or song--in your car, on a train, or flyin on a jet plane--and say: Oh God, I can't do this forgiveness thing. I feel deeply that I need to, but I need help. Can you open my heart and mind to it? Please. I'm serious now. I heard that you love me unconditionally despite my sins, but I really can't imagine why you would. Quite frankly, I suck. But you already know everything about me, right? So, you know I fail and fail and fail and fail and fail and STILL WANT ME? Um, did you just say 'YES, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WANT YOU AND LOVE YOU?' So, if you can reveal your pure, unconditional love to me, then can you help me show that unconditional love to another? Yes? Sweet! I'm in. Breathe your love through me and let's go ahead and move mountains together, man. I'm ready to be free.

NOTE: I wrote this based on a personal experience, and people, I'm not kidding. It's real. And this love--it's yours for the taking.

Maybe you can share the GIVING CARD with someone?

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dearly loved, clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. forgive... and overall put on LOVE.

[adapted from Colossians 3:12-14]




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