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I failed so much the last couple weeks in my attitude, I almost couldn't handle myself and felt like I'd left my family thinking their mother / wife had lost her marbles. I yelled a lot at my amazing little girls and a little at my husband. I hate this version of myself. I had several memorable independent minutes of released irritation on the people I love the very most in the world. I was rushed. I was dissatisfied with my behavior. I was ashamed of how I let loose the fire-breathing dragon of emotion that should normally be tamed and calmed down before unleashing to the world in a nicer, kinder form. I didn't know what to do except pray and shout, "dear Lord. DEAR LORD! why am I being so ridiculous? please, please, reveal an answer that I can concretely work on and use to heal my attitude". We'd all love that concrete answer that has a black-and-white solution, wouldn't we? Such as: IF you do ________, THEN ________ will happen. I've got this. Problem solved.

The funny thing is that it was the week that the weight starting coming off after a few weeks of pure, clean eating and jogging and yoga. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about this and proud of the work and focus I've put into this goal, although I was in physical pain from running incorrectly and frustrated because it was hindering my progress. The not-funny thing was that I took my normal time of prayer and writing and creating and reading and gave it up to do these other self-care things. I was very resentful that I gave up something that is precious to me--my creative, artsy-fartsy, writing, spiritual time. I also had many moments of thinking "I just want some wine and cheese and to live in the moment and not plan every damn meal and mommy-alone-time (nap time) activity that relates only to this health goal". The pure truth is annoying because all of the things mentioned above are good things. They are rooted in self-care and passion and true self. They all have beneficial results. You feel, I'm sure, that the hours in a day are not enough. They are Just. Not. Enough. to hold all of these wonderful things that we want to be a part of our life...these things that help us to be the very best that we can be for family, friends, community, the world, this lifetime.

Well, we are wrong. There IS enough time. We are given the same perfectly crafted allotment of minutes. It is our expectations of these minutes that are skewed.

The expectation of our days is simple, pure, and beautiful. We can step into this expectation each morning. Yes, goals and taking care of ourselves and always expanding our horizons with new interests are still good, but--in excess and in rushing--those goals originally rooted in good intentions grow into weeds of bad attitudes and resentment. This is where each new day offers a beautiful thing--a chance to step into something that will cause us to tame our wild and wide focus. This beautiful treasure chest of simple expectations that I've been pondering may help us in our well-intended, greater goals for any given day. While diving into these treasures, we can let go of the haste, resentment, and attitudes that deter us from the endurance needed to see them through them to the finish.

It is an exquisitely designed wardrobe--a Wardrobe of Virtues--that we can step into with confidence. IF we step into these virtues each day, we can be SURE that we have done EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that we need to do for that day. Clothing ourselves in focused virtues as best we can to move through each minute, each hour, each day at a time is the gift this wardrobe offers to us. When we put on these, we are echoing our creator. We are brilliant and beautiful without having a single earthly designer shoe, purse, or pair of jeans on us. You can be the most beautiful person on earth on the outside, but if you forget to open up this Wardrobe of Virtues, let's just say it isn't pretty.

I'm inviting you to spend one week with me opening up this wardrobe. Let's take one day, one virtue at a time and think of it, ponder it, observe it, emulate it, practice it. By the end of one week, I guarantee you will feel FABULOUS in your new clothes from your wardrobe. Not only that, but you'll realize, they were free... and they will last you a lifetime if strive to renew your intention to practice them daily.

YOUR WARDROBE OF 7 VIRTUES Each day (starting on Monday), I will post a simple explanation of each virtue and the VIRTUE CARD (TWO SIZES!) and GIVING CARD (TWO SIZES) that you can share or just keep.

Want to be prepared? (suggested :)) You can DOWNLOAD them all NOW!

DOWNLOAD "VIRTUE CARDS" [PDF File] HERE: AtlasofLight-Wardrobe-VirtueCards-Square

DOWNLOAD "GIVING CARDS" [PDF File] HERE: AtlasofLight-Wardrobe-VirtueGivingCards-Square

DOWNLOAD "SCREEN GRAPHICS" [JPG Files] HERE: Day 1 (Monday): Compassion (download screen graphic) Day 2 (Tuesday): Kindness (download screen graphic) Day 3 (Wednesday): Humility (download screen graphic) Day 4 (Thursday): Gentleness (download screen graphic) Day 5 (Friday): Patience (download screen graphic) Day 6 (Saturday): Forgiveness (download screen graphic) Day 7 (Sunday): LOVE (download screen graphic)

PLEASE try out these new clothes with me this week and aim to let go of the urgency and perfection and unrealistic expectations, so that we can become clothed more beautifully for those around us. 

DOWNLOAD Wardrobe of Virtues "VIRTUE CARDS" [PDF File] HERE: AtlasofLight-Wardrobe-VirtueCards-Square

DOWNLOAD Wardrobe of Virtues "GIVING CARDS" [PDF File] HERE: AtlasofLight-Wardrobe-VirtueGivingCards-Square

After this week, you can repeat one at a time again, or try wearing more virtues on one day. Please share with me your experiences if you'd like.

dearly loved, clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility gentleness, and patience. forgive... and overall put on LOVE.

[adapted from Colossians 3:12-14]

I'd love to hear from you! What virtue is the hardest or easiest for you as a friend, significant other, acquaintance?