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anno domini

TWO. THOUSAND. AND. SIXTEEN. 2016 AD. Approximately 13,680 minutes ago (min. in 1 week [10,080] + min. in 2 1/2 days [3,600]), it was still last year. Join me on pausing and reflecting (selah, please) on that for a minute?


[ here's your breathing space to reflect, friend. ]


How long does 13,680 minutes feel? Does it feel as long as it sounds? Are you thinking IT. FLEW. BY.  Most would agree with you--especially in fast- fast-faster America--but whether your minutes flew by or moseyed on along, the earth's entire human race, ALL TOGETHER, stepped proudly into another SHINY. NEW. YEAR. We ALL have used up the SAME amount of minutes, but in a gazillion different ways.

Are you frustrated because you haven't used your minutes to start the thing that you wanted to start?  Or pleased because you've been perfectly executing your plan with the minutes gifted to you? Or are you dreading the upcoming year because you might not have received the [insert yours here] you always dreamed of during the minutes of last year? In the past, my dreams have been: newest thing, boyfriend, thinner body (a recurring one), dream job, soulmate, life purpose & direction, health, husband, child (a recurring one for a while), inner peace on where I'm at, etc, etc...

Please, please, now...set your one specific "thing" aside for a few moments--that thing you've been dreaming of for this new year--and just...

BREATHE.   Take ONE.   TWO.   THREE.   Deeeeeeep breaths. 

You are alive. I am alive. Woohoo! We've made it this far. We are all alive AND in the moments of your three breaths, everything is JUST PERFECT. Rest IN that breath KNOWING THIS and that WE have been carefully arranged and strategically placed on this earth for this specific time in history. Now, I've heard this over and over and thought, "but, but, but, what am I supposed to DO with this life?" I would like to gently tell you this: be patient and selah: stop/listen, pause/reflect for just 2 minutes. You've already had approximately 13,680 minutes in this year, do you think 2 minutes sometime today is going to big a big hindrance on your agenda? Come on, I spend 2 minutes just staring at all the toys blown up all over my house for longer than that! Anyway... 

Ideally, during these 2 minutes you would start by taking a deep breath. Ideally, you would speak silently what's on your heart at that moment. Ideally, you would NOT HOLD BACK, and be honest, and bare your soul. Ideally, you might say,"Is ANYONE listening up there? Why am I doing this?" Ideally, you will feel an overwhelming sense deep down in your innermost being, that someone IS "up there" and asks you: "What took you so long? I've been waiting for you." Ideally, you would realize this 'being' has been there all along, but you have treated him as a distant "idea" and you have judged him and you have assumed things about him. Ideally, you would then realize this 'being' is not just "up there", but actually right here with you right now, and everywhere. Ideally, you would plant your feet firmly in that notion and you would open up like you never have. Ideally, you would realize this 'being' is big. BIG.GER. than you can fathom, all encompassing, and made of LOVE. Ideally, a little sparkling diamond will be planted in your heart during these 2 minutes and you will suddenly feel more worthy of love. Ideally and naturally, you will want more diamonds and you will repeat this all year. Ideally, on one of these 2 minute adventures, you might open the best-selling non-fiction book of all time in the world. Ideally, it would be one with red-letters starting right about 3/4 of the way through it. Ideally, during your two minutes of pause, you would read some of these red letters. Ideally, you would be inspired and moved by the red letters you opened to and if, by chance, they don't make any sense, you might Google their meaning, and then say, "Ohhh..."  Ideally, you might realize they were said by a person you've definitely heard of--a real, living, breathing person--but his diamond was slightly different, because he WAS the diamond. Ideally, you would start desiring and really enjoying these 2 minutes of discovery that may have extended to more minutes. Ideally, you will realize that this 'being' you initially whispered to is now like a close, close friend. Ideally, you will see that this 'friend' keeps giving you diamonds of love during these little 2+ minute sessions. Ideally, at the end of that year, you will look back upon your big pile of diamonds and realize you are ridiculously rich beyond compare. THEN, my friends, you will laugh out loud and say, "I cannot believe I found all of these diamonds and they were FREE. All I had to do was stop and listen."

But I'm not going to tell you what to do during your daily allotment of minutes. It's YOUR time, after all. I WILL tell you the scenario above was my story last year. It started with patience and selah.

This year, precious babies will be born (but they may not be yours), souls will move on from this earth through death (you may be surprised who does), people will wed (but it might not be you), bodies will be thinned out (but it might not be yours) and time will continue ticking by most likely. But you will end the year, KNOWING everything will be OK, because, if you took those 2 minutes to try something new, you will be full of sparkling diamonds. Now, heaps of diamonds for FREE is better than any other new year's dream, isn't it?

NOTE on "AD": Over two-thousand years have PRE-ceded you since 1 BC--that last year of history before something monumental occurred to change the course of history.  After 1 BC, it was AD--meaning "Anno Domini" or "Year of Our Lord". (Yes, there are disputes and there are nuances and disagreements about the exact timing and we now have "CE" as an alternative term, but that's irrelevant to the overall message.) AD signified a new era of hope for all of us on this messy, messy, messy journey on earth. Just HOW MANY moments, minutes, months, milestones have started and ended in the two-thousand and sixteen years BEFORE you? And that's not even counting the eras before "AD". A lot, a lot, a lot of minutes have passed by, but we are blessed to be part of the human race living in the "AD" part of history. We have the privilege to live AFTER unending hope was gifted to us. We can rest assured we are in the era of hope. I HOPE you discover this during your allotment of minutes this year.