Atlas' very own

Art Studio + Wood Shop

We take pride in creating each card, design, and card frame from scratch. We aim to use the highest quality materials and reproductive techniques for the cards and frames. Most importantly, our business is driven by our passion for the cause--communicating the sacred wisdom of scripture through words, images, hands-on experiences, and just simply infusing as much love and care into each piece.


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Our cards and products are prayerfully and intentionally created in Sarah’s home studio. She works best when she can get immersed in her mess of paints, charcoal, pens, sketchbook, and reference her worn out bible. Her two daughters are always welcome in the studio to make their own creations. Out of her mess, she pulls something of value and visual engagement--from inspiring, prayerfully written meditations to carefully executed designs. Her best work is inspired by talking to people and hearing about their circumstances, emotions, and their individual battles they are fighting. 

The other studio is that of the Art Flow Workshops--it moves around with each group of open-hearted, beautiful participants. It might show up at a rehab facility, a local grief support group, or on the streets of Pittsburgh with a group of homeless.

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The master frame-maker (and man behind the beautiful one-of-a-kind frames) can be found smiling and pleasantly lost in his work in the Atlas wood shop. A lover of sunshine, his working table is on wheels so he can wheel his work outside and bask in the rare sunshine of western Pennsylvania, while sanding, staining, spray painting, and refining each and every wooden frame.

As a US Veteran and ICU Nurse by day, his creativity never ceases to amaze. Always willing to explore new ways to create, he continuously perfects his pieces for Atlas.