“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”  - Pablo Picasso

Atlas Art Flow Workshops 

We pair inspirational teachings with unique creative projects to get you into the restorative “flow” of creating. Getting into the “flow” of creating something has been proven to promote self-worth, relaxation, and connection with others.

*PLUS: Purchase helps to fund FREE workshops for those in need.


Upcoming Workshops

WHEN: Sunday, October 21, 12:30-1:30 pm
Atlas Art Flow Workshop "Finding Light in the Dark”
One-hour Escape for those Grieving or in a Messy Time of Life
Ingomar Church Community Life Center Cafe, 1501 W. Ingomar Rd., Pittsburgh, PA  15237
ALL ARE WELCOME (perfect for teens+ adults) • NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
COST: $5 includes all supplies, teaching, and guidance

REGISTER: OR contact Kelly Rupp at 412-364-3613 x 206 or

What does the ancient wisdom of the bible say about light? How can you find some light in your darkest times? Learn more about this, hear personal stories, and create your own lantern.

You do not need to be an artist or "into" art! Atlas Art Press founder, Sarah Nelsen will guide you through a scripture based teaching and theme of “Light Breaking Through the Dark" and help you to lose yourself in creating a Beautiful, Life-filled Lantern to keep or gift to a loved one as a reminder of the Truth of God’s word and the purpose of your experiences. Sarah's gentle, encouraging style of teaching is welcoming for all ages, genders, and walks of life. Atlas workshops build self-worth, express the sacred wisdom of the Bible, and foster greater connection with others going through similar hardships. All you need open mind, willing heart, hand to move!

NOTE: Each lantern comes with a little LED light that you can switch on and off. The glass ones will include a small votive candle. I will also have string for people to tie onto their lantern if desired.



Make Something = Increased Pride + Self-worth

When we share our sorrow, the best connections happen. Our group art flow workshops are for those in the messiest parts of life. Creating something from nothing amid your peers fosters increased self-worth, pride, and connection.

Relaxing, focused 1-2 hour sessions custom designed for those going through messiest parts of life.

  • Participants: no artistic experience required! 

  • Ages: ALL

  • required: open mind, a willing heart, and hand to move

  • included: access to art supplies for the creation of one high quality piece that can be useful in daily life. 

  • THEMES: sarah will work with the group in advance to customize a workshop specific for what they are going through

  • WHERE: your location

  • how long: 1 – 1.5 hours

  • sample session:

    • BEGIN: mindful prayer and introductions (we are all equals and worthy of taking time and space to create)

    • THEME + SELF-REFLECTION FOCUS: Sarah will go over the theme of the workshop and it's purpose as well as how participants can find it helpful

    • INSTRUCTION: Sarah will show an example of the piece and how it can be created and all of the variations that can be explored

    • CREATING TIME: Participants will have time to create their piece, share thoughts on the theme and most importantly RELAX + ENJOY an escape from the daily grind

    • CLOSING: Sarah will close with a short story or prayer

    • PHOTOS: Photos of participants will ONLY be taken WITH THEIR PERMISSION.