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Make + Breathe Workshops 

Getting into the “flow” of creating something has been proven to promote self-worth, relaxation, and connection with others. Inspirational themes paired with unique creative projects offers participants a restorative and confidence-building experience.

Creating something outside of yourself allows you to experience your circumstances in a new way. You release emotion, separating yourself from it. This process leads to peace and freedom.
— Sarah Nelsen, founder


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All ages are inspired!

Galleries of Past Workshops


Light of Life Rescue Mission

A Series of Five Make + Breathe Art Workshops for 12 men in the men’s resident recovery ministry


North Hills Grief Support Group

A Series of Two Make & Breathe Workshops focusing on overcoming grief and finding light in the dark.


Private Family

A peaceful Make + Breathe COURAGE workshop on a private, natural setting in Mercer County.


Mission Mahi Cafe

A series of two custom workshops (one for the men / one for the women) for teens in recovery from the local Ridgeview Rehab center.

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Mission from Mars Friends on the Street

A Unique Art event open to the public in central Horth Side Public Park during the weekly meal serving of hte homeless friends on the Northside.

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Saints John and Paul Parish, Sewickley

A special art event for children participating in a service project to create beautiful, inspiring pieces to be distributed to those in need across Pittsburgh.

Uncommon Grounds Cafe / Church Army USA

Coming Soon! A Make & Breathe Workshop with marginalized women in Aliquippa to create something beautiful and rest their soul.

Cribs for Kids

A special Make + Breathe workshop for families who have suffered loss of a child or infant. We will focus on transformation through grief and the power of butterflies and lions.

New Community Church

A special Make + Breathe workshop at the Annual Women’s retreat focusing on conformation and empowerment amid daily life.



make something + breathe deeply

Increase Pride + Self-worth + Confidence

  • Participants: no artistic experience required! 

  • Ages: ALL

  • Required: open mind, a willing heart, and hand to move

  • Included: access to art supplies and all materials

  • Where: your location

  • How long: 1 – 1.5 hours

  • sample session:

    • BEGIN: mindful meditation and introductions (we are all equals and worthy of taking time and space to create)

    • THEME + SELF-REFLECTION FOCUS: Sarah will go over the theme of the workshop and it's purpose as well as how participants can find it helpful

    • INSTRUCTION: Sarah will show an example of the piece and how it can be created and all of the variations that can be explored

    • CREATING TIME: Participants will have time to create their piece, share thoughts on the theme and most importantly RELAX + ENJOY an escape from the daily grind

    • OPEN FLOOR: Particpiants are welcome to share stories, experiences with the group at this time.

    • CLOSING: Sarah will close with a short story and meditation

    • PHOTOS: Photos of participants will ONLY be taken WITH THEIR PERMISSION.