Creating something outside of yourself allows you to experience circumstances in a new way. You release emotion, separating yourself from it...which leads to peace and freedom.
— Sarah Nelsen, founder

We guarantee increased feelings of self-worth, confidence, and relaxation within participants.

Our workshops aim to:

  1. FOSTER increased feelings of self-worth, pride, and peaceful connection

  2. INSPIRE a better understanding of various and what it means

  3. PROVIDE a safe space to relax, unwind, and connect with others

  4. CALM the nervous system by focusing energy on the process of creating

  5. RELEASE the burdens of daily life and allow your mind to be refreshed

  6. INSPIRE self-reflection and real-life application through simple actions


Menu of Workshops

We will customize one for your goals and audience OR choose from one below. Prices vary and are flexible for different group numbers.



make something + breathe deeply

Value + Validity: We’ll improve your mental state and provide tools for daily life.


  • Participants: no artistic experience required! 

  • Ages: ALL

  • Required: open mind, a willing heart, and hand to move

  • Where: your location or we can provide a space for additional fee

  • How long: 1-1.5 hours (or we can customize to your needs)

Cost Includes

  • theme-focused (see menu of workshops) inspirational teaching

  • creative instruction and samples

  • art supplies and all materials for a take-home piece

  • relaxing, soothing music

  • set-up, breakdown, and clean up

  • materials and art supplies to create a take-home piece

  • travel expenses to your location

sample session

  • BEGIN: mindfulness meditation, introductions

  • THEME FOCUS: workshop theme, purpose, and application

  • INSTRUCTION: we’ll show an example(s) of the piece, how it can be created, and variations

  • CREATING TIME: time to create, share thoughts, and escape from the daily grind

  • OPEN FLOOR: participants welcome to share stories, experiences with the group

  • CLOSING: we’ll close with a short story and/or meditation

  • TOOLS: takeaways will be provided for helping extend teachings in daily life

  • PHOTOS: Photos of participants will ONLY be taken with permission.


Praise for Make + Breathe Workshops

"I've received no negative feedback and a lot of positive.  A few guys have said that they had no idea they were creative or had any artistic talent and that led to great discussions of how they have gifts that are yet to be discovered and that trying new things can really open a lot of doors.  Even J that seems like he isn't into it has opened up in his small group about how he has really enjoyed it despite his lack of confidence in that area.  So there have been plenty of positive comments made by the men.”
- Feedback from Light of Life Rescue Mission workshops for the Men’s Ministry

"The men had so many positive experiences and talked about it so much.  A few of the men found it so relaxing and therapeutic that they have begun drawing and using colored pencils in their free time.  Seeing how much they’ve been benefiting from it, I’m looking into purchasing some basic art supplies for the prayer room in the dorm area so the men can go in to meditate and relax while using art as a way to release.” 
- Feedback from Light of Life Rescue Mission workshops for the Men’s Ministry


All ages are inspired!

Galleries of Past Workshops


New Community Church

A special Make + Breathe workshop at the Annual Women’s retreat focusing on conformation and empowerment amid daily life.


Light of Life Rescue Mission

A Series of Five Make + Breathe Art Workshops for 12 men in the men’s resident recovery ministry


Saints John and Paul Parish, Sewickley

A special art event for children participating in a service project to create beautiful, inspiring pieces to be distributed to those in need across Pittsburgh.


Mission from Mars Friends on the Street

A Unique Art event open to the public in central Horth Side Public Park during the weekly meal serving of hte homeless friends on the Northside.


UPMC Passavant Nurses Week Event

A Make & Breathe Workshop for to provide stress relief for nurses!


North Hills Grief Support Group

A Series of Two Make & Breathe Workshops focusing on overcoming grief and finding light in the dark.


Mission Mahi Cafe

A series of two custom workshops (one for the men / one for the women) for teens in recovery from the local Ridgeview Rehab center.


Private Family

A peaceful Make + Breathe COURAGE workshop on a private, natural setting in Mercer County.


Cribs for Kids

A special Make + Breathe workshop for families who have suffered loss of a child or infant. We will focus on transformation through grief and the power of butterflies and lions.